Thor – U.S.A.

A truly outstanding experience.

I don’t know that you could find a management team equal to Stacy and Drew. These are two kind men who will guide you through a life-changing experience with grace and compassion. Doing aya can be an utterly terrifying experience at times, but I never felt afraid: Stacy watched over everyone closely during ceremonies and Drew was around to help you through any difficult experience you might be going through. Aya can be a blissful experience, too, and these are two magnetic guys you’d want to be around in that state too.

Though I didn’t know them long, I consider both men friends. Stacy conducts a sort of morning-after processing session, and you couldn’t find better analysis of what you found in your subconscious if you went to therapy for two years. He’s as experienced as you’ll find, and, as he’ll tell you, he’s been through it all — his advice is sage, and it’s imbued with a humility you won’t typically find from a person so learned.

And the staff that works with them?


Can’t say enough about the female shaman, who was both gentle and powerful. The food was excellent despite necessary blandness due to being on the aya diet, and everyone was nice.

The accommodations were cool — the moloka will take your breath away. I stayed in it and loved my experience. They also have smaller huts along the lake. Don’t even get me started with the lake. Cool yourself during the day, and get punched in the gut by nature’s beauty on the dock after a ceremony.

I had no idea what to expect when I booked my trip and flew to Peru. It was my first time, and I was terrified. I had an A+ experience, and I attribute that to the people at Dreamglade. Yes, the price is a steal. Yes, the land is special. Yes, the brew is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. But it is the staff that makes Dreamglade a must-go.

Can’t wait to see y’all again.

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