Shipibo Healers – Raul & Lidia

Raul Buenapico Ramirez


Raul is originally from a small Shipibo community, “Vista Alegre”, just nine hours boat ride from the jungle city of Pucalpa.

He began his apprenticeship in the healing arts in his early 20’s under the tutelage of his father and grandfather.

He has honed his skills for the last 40 years and is an extraordinary healer, even invited to attend to patients at the Regional Hospital in Pucalpa who were not responding to modern medical treatments.

He is 65 years old and in great shape. He is in his prime.

We have been completely blown-away with his healing work during the ceremonies at Dreamglade and also his ‘hands-on’ work with our guests and even the staff during the days in between.

His “Limpiezas” (healings through song) are incredibly powerful and we have witnessed astonishing transformations in our guests after receiving them.

Always happy and quick to smile and often delighting all with his full-bellied laugh, we feel so blessed to have him working with us at the center. He has rapidly become the perfect head curandero to help us with our disciplined approach to the healing work and we sincerely hope that he continues to work with us at Dreamglade far into the future.

Lidia Huayta Ramirez


Lidia was born in a small Shipibo community on the banks of the Ucayali river, about a day and half’s ride south from the bustling jungle city of Pucalpa.

At a young age it was observed that she had certain ‘abilities’ and so began her training in the traditional Amazonian healing arts at the tender age of thirteen. It was a difficult process, spending several years deep in the jungle in almost total seclusion “dieting” with the master plants to develop her healing talents under the tutelage of her grandmother, who was herself an accomplished “curandera” and was very well respected in the local community.

An accomplished shamanic healer in her own right, Lidia has spent several decades travelling around the country leading ayahausca ceremonies, dedicating her life to helping and healing as many people as possible.

Lidia and our head shaman Raul are half brother/sister through their mother’s side and have a a very comfortable relationship working together, both during the ceremonies, and the rest periods in between. They are also the best of friends.

She is gentle and kind and brings to the center a lovely warm, maternal energy that is felt by both guests and staff alike.

We feel very blessed to have her working alongside us at the Dreamglade Shamanic Healing center.