Max L – Italy 

From the very first moment I contacted Dreamglade I immediately knew that I had made the right choice for my first true Ayahuasca retreat !

Both Stace and Jann were extremely helpful, promptly replying to all my messages, very thorough with all the retreat information and also making some very good recommendations for my travel arrangements. Booking my retreat with them was extremely easy and quick and I felt very confident.

This feeling was soon confirmed the day I met Stacy on my arrival in Iquitos and everyone else with whom I was going to share this 5 day retreat. A small group of 9 persons including myself, just the perfect number for a retreat and everyone was very nice and friendly.

The Dreamglade centre is located in a stunning spot just a short and comfortable drive from Iquitos and right in the heart of the very beautiful Amazon rainforest. The ceremonial temple, the ‘Maloka’, and all the accommodation wooden huts, ‘Tambos’, have all been recently built and to a very high standard and the centre is surrounded by a beautiful lake very nicely equipped with swimming platforms and close by there is a very friendly local village. Further large huts were in the process of being built nearby which will offer even more facilities to the centre.

On our arrival at the Dreamglade centre we met Drew, the retreat assistant and all the Dreamglade staff and everyone straight away made us feel incredibly welcome.

After settling in my own hut I went to the ceremonial temple in preparation for our first ceremony.

Stacy introduced us to Estella, our Curandera, who welcomed us all and then Stace carefully spent an hour giving us some very valuable and essential information on how to approach our first Ayahuasca ceremony and this for me was probably the most beneficial and influential part of my entire Ayahuasca experience.

Before leaving for Peru, I had read the Out of The Jungle – Beginners Guide to Ayahuasca book written by Nanice Ellis and watched various Ayahuasca videos and but I still had many gaps of knowledge which Stacy managed to fill straight away and this made me feel very comfortable and relaxed before taking the brew.

This was probably the main contribution for me to undertake 3 perfect Ayahuasca ceremonies together with an excellent “dieta” prepared by the very good kitchen staff I felt completely at ease and enjoyed the best experience of my life !

Everything was just perfect for me at the Dreamglade centre. Estella is one of the best Curanderos in Peru, the Ayahuasca brew which Dreamglade offers is also one the purest and strongest in Peru, “the dieta” made me feel very healthy and strong and Stacy and Drew are not just fantastic organisers and experienced Ayahuasca coordinators but also two true spiritual friends who I hope to meet again in the very near future.

I have therefore no hesitation to recommend Dreamglade to anyone who is either looking to try Ayahuasca for the first time or who is looking for a true and very profound Ayahuasca experience in one of the best Amazonian surroundings !

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