Max R – London, U.K.

This place is perfect. It was my first time trying ayahuasca here and I couldn’t have wished for more!

For me the balance seemed just right between idyllic jungle setting and some nice western comforts (e.g. Nice showers, thoroughly mosquito-netted huts, English speakers). Fresh food with lots of vegetables. The time flew for me just living at an enjoyable pace – having a swim, reading, talking, kayaking around the little lake, walking out into the jungle, doing yoga, finding beautiful tree-frogs and butterflies hanging out nearby.

I was out there for 5 days (3 ceremonies) and felt comfortable right from the start. I got more out of each successive ceremony and loved every one of them. Stacy and Drew were on hand throughout to support us. One person who was there at the same time as me was struggling with some deep personal pain and the level of help they gave this person was inspiring to see.

I could go on for some time about how great it is but really just go and see for yourself. Such nice people and a beautiful setting. I didn’t even really realise I was lost until I did some soul-searching during the week and I feel great now – really refreshed. I can see why people have said ayahuasca is like a rebirth!

I think without exaggeration I’d rate this as the favourite week of my life thus far. I give it twelve stars out of five.

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