Booking / Online Integration Coach 

He is a father and a grandfather.  An entrepreneur, a chef and restaurateur.

With 57 years of life experience (at the time of this writing), Paul’s diverse range of experiences provides a wide and Stable foundation of support for the guests of Dreamglade.

He set up and ran a Rudolf Steiner school for children, and he has owned and run a wide range of businesses; The most recent of these was based in health and healing where he became a part of the process of guiding people through the physical and mental/emotional blockages to their functional wellbeing.

A creative mind, he was a part of the entire production and process of the machine this company built as well.  And as such this business focus consumed his every moment, and it was like being on a treadmill that never stopped, although he knew he was helping so many people regain their health and happiness, the time came when he realized that this was coming at the cost of his own health and happiness.

The constant drive, the striving, the struggle even in success seemed never ending. Depression was like a cloud over every experience.

Something was missing and it seemed that without whatever that something was life would not have any meaning.    And the current way of living already felt meaningless.  He would never again believe in that old way of living.  It was untenable and the pull for change grew daily.  Change was needed.

But How?  What?  How does a person become something they don’t know? 

Well the answer came in clear, concise experience.  

Ayahuasca called.

And in that calling came the clarity of the next step.

‘Walk away’ she whispered to his soul.

‘Close the doors to the businesses and their perceived success that comes at such a cost.  Step towards the possibilities of an unknown future taking nothing with you but what you need in this moment.’

You know what it is like…. And when Life truly calls, you answer.  So he did !

Within 3 months of this awareness he had totally let go of all his treasured possessions and property.  And as guided, simply closed the doors to his then world expanding business.

And so the jungle called him.  And here he came 7 years ago on a journey of self-discovery and new horizons.

You may relate to this call to consciousness, it comes to all of us in our own unique ways.  But it is not always easy for the brave souls willing to follow that call

Pauls’ love of helping others who may be struggling on the path found a place to express itself at Dreamglade.  Through a role of sharing the insights and tools he has learned over his diverse and creative life with those of you reaching for more in your own life.

From your first point of contact with Dreamglade, he is there to help you through the process.  To make you feel safe as you journey into the unknown like he did and still does daily.

In a natural merging of ideals Paul and Dreamglade came together in united intention.  To help all of you who are ready, find a safe place to begin, or to continue your life of conscious, intentional, joyful, healthy being.

He is living his freedom and finds happiness in helping you find yours.