Wade & Clarisa / Owners – Facilitators


I grew up in a small rural town in the northern U.S.A surrounded by nature and big open spaces. Spending my youth in the countryside was definitely very healthy and usually a lot of fun and I feel so blessed to have had such a beautiful childhood. As we entered adolescence however, we found ourselves getting a little bit bored and it didn’t take long for me and my friends to discover psychedelics. A whole new world opened up for us and it propelled me personally into a life-long exploration of altered states of consciousness.

I continued with my psychedelic journey throughout most of my life, reading many books and I have also had plenty of ‘hands-on’ experience !!

But, I hadn’t even heard of ayahuasca until my late thirties and was introduced to it through a close friend who had travelled to latin America for some life-changing healing work. 

This friend had suffered with a serious concussion from an accident, the resulting symptoms lasting for more than five years. He explained how he had travelled to Costa Rica to partake in several Ayahuasca ceremonies and how he had been astounded that the said symptoms had completely disappeared !!

I personally, have had two “near-death experiences” in my life due to severe traffic accidents and the second one had left me with a major concussion that wasn’t improving, even after several years, and I was starting to get very concerned..

Encouraged by his story, I began to research in earnest about Ayahausca, hopeful that maybe I could also find some relief from the constant, daily health issues that I was suffering with.


It was around this time that i met my partner, Clarisa, whilst travelling through Mexico in 2019. 

Being from the States and her from southern Mexico, we were from vastly different cultures but, very quickly, we realised we had a deep, soul connection and things moved forwards at a blistering pace !!  We decided to move in together very early on in our relationship and have been blissfully happy ever since.

From the very beginning of our time together, I enthusiastically shared with her the information about ayahuasca that I had found online, about all of its health benefits that have been reported by thousands of people from all over the world. 

I explained how I was hopeful that it could possibly remedy some of my health problems that I was suffering with and after listening for a while, she just told me I should stop talking about it and just go do it !!


She even decided to tag along with me, even though she had never had any experience whatsoever with psychedelics. 

We booked our trip to Peru and it literally changed our lives. 

I went mainly with the hope that I could heal from the concussion but was pleasantly surprised to find that through working with ayahuasca, not only did those symptoms disappear but other issues such as my anxiety, heartburn, and back pains also improved dramatically. 

Even more remarkable, our shared experiences in the Peruvian rainforest deepened the bond I had with Clarisa in such a profound way that I can’t even put it into words. 

We both vowed to continue with our journey working with ayahuasca and, soon after, ‘by accident’ we discovered that Dreamglade Shamanic Healing Center was on the market and we dared to ‘dream’ about a new path, a new adventure… 

We got cautiously excited about the opportunity to give back something to others, to “pass on” that profound healing that we had experienced through working with the incredible medicinal plants of the Amazon.

After several retreats and listening to many other participants talk about their incredible healing journeys, we began to comprehend the power of Ayahuasca. We observed how she seemed to provide the exact, unique experience that each person actually needed, though it was often the case that it was not what the person actually believed they needed.

The more time we spent with “Her” the more we were entranced…. 

Watching people’s ‘glow’ come back, their new-found lust for life, their positivity and joy returning to them after years of depression and suffering, it was awe-inspiring and we felt a stronger and stronger pull towards working full time with this very special medicine.

We decided to put our home in the U.S. up for sale and to “roll the dice” so to speak….

We told Stace, “if we sell the house for the price we want and Dreamglade is still available we will take it !”

The rest is history.