“If you don’t go within, you go without”


At Dreamglade we have two accommodation options, private lake-side “tambos” (small huts) or our guests can choose to sleep in the “Maloka” (large ceremonial hut) which is fine for shorter stays and for people on a tighter budget. The Maloka has comfortable mattresses with sheets, blankets and pillows and is completely screened in to keep out the forest insects.

The tambos are traditionally-built wooden huts with thatched palm-leaf roofs and private swim platforms. Also totally screened in, there are ‘single’ and ‘double’ versions and each of them has comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, a mosquito net, a small desk and chair for writing or drawing, a safe box for your more valuable belongings, a composting toilet (the waste is processed and used as fertilizer) and an outside veranda with a hammock for kicking back and soaking up the beautiful jungle surroundings.

There is no electricity in the tambos (though you can charge your phone or laptop at the main house) and no Wi Fi either, just peace and quiet and plenty of space for our guests to do some reflecting and “inner work”…

Only by having plenty of time with the minimum amount of distractions are you able to really go deep into yourself and process whatever has been coming up for you during the Ayahuasca ceremonies and plant “dietas”. Our minds/egos do not like to be observed and for this reason they constantly strive to keep us occupied/distracted at all times. You may possibly feel a little discomfort during the first couple of days but it soon passes and you will find that you will benefit enormously from the time spent in the beautiful Amazonian rainforest with nothing to do but go within and spend some quality time with yourself.

Saying that, we also like to have a little fun and there are plenty of good books to read, board games, playing cards, a safe lake for swimming with a traditional wooden canoe to paddle around in and we also regularly take our guests on informative jungle walks.

The bathrooms are stationed just a short distance from the Maloka and are modern, clean and comfortable with clean water and very good pressure for the showers.

We provide clean sheets, blankets and towels on a regular basis.

We are very lucky and have very few mosquitoes or other biting insects around the centre. The possibility of our guests contracting malaria or dengue is very, very small, thus making prophylactic medications unnecessary and at the same time, also allowing them to enjoy plenty of time outdoors without getting devoured by hundreds of hungry little bugs.

It is always such a pleasure, after each Ayahuasca ceremony, to invite our guests to join me on the swim platform overhanging the lake to connect with the vibrant rainforest and gaze at the thousands of stars or the full moon reflected in the still water.

It really is a magical place….