DreamGlade is located nearby the tiny village of Maralillos,  just 15km outside of the bustling jungle city of Iquitos.

Comfortable transportation by 4×4 vehicle is provided to and from DreamGlade free of charge for all of our guests (we will pick you up directly from your hotel).

DreamGlade Shamanic Healing Centre

Linked to the outside world only by air or by river, Iquitos is the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by any roads.

“It’s a prosperous, vibrant jungle metropolis teeming with the usual, inexplicably addictive Amazonian anomalies. Unadulterated jungle encroaches beyond town in full view of the air-conditioned, elegant bars and restaurants that flank the riverside; motorized tricycles whiz manically through the streets yet locals mill around the central plazas eating ice cream like there is all the time in the world. Mud huts mingle with magnificent tiled mansions; tiny dugout canoes ply the water alongside colossal cruise ships.”

Iquitos is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for literally thousands of spiritual seekers every year. The use and study of Ayahuasca and traditional shamanic healing methods that are practiced in the Amazon basin is growing at an incredible rate and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, perhaps because of the growing sense of dissatisfaction and despondency that so prevalent in Western societies.

Blessed with plenty of excellent, affordable accommodation options, some really top rate eating establishments, a vibrant, outgoing local culture and miles and miles of unspoilt virgin rainforests and also of course the mighty Amazon river, it really is an unforgettable  place to come and spend some time, especially if you want to explore ‘within’.

Getting to Iquitos



Iquitos’ small but busy airport currently has daily flights to and from Lima. Four main airlines link Iquitos with the outside world. LAN operates the best but usually most expensive flights. Star Perú, Sky and Peruvian Airlines also operate flights to/from Lima and are often more economical. It also possible to fly direct between Iquitos and Leticia which lies on the Colombian/Brazilian border using one of the smaller local airlines.

NB the airport tax is normally included when you buy your ticket.

The airport is about 7km from the center of Iquitos. A taxi ride in a car will cost around 40 soles ( approx. 10 USD), a mototaxi (tuk tuk) usually around 20 soles (aprrox. 5 USD). Many of the hostels/hotels that we recommend offer a free airport pick-up service*


Iquitos is Peru’s largest and best-organized river port. Cargo boats normally leave from Puerto Masusa, on Av La Marina about 2km or 3km north of the town centre. The Henry boats to Pucallpa leave from their own port nearer to town. There are agencies in town, though you can also go to the dock and look around; don’t trust anyone except the captain for an estimate of departure time.

Upriver passages to Pucallpa (four to seven days) or Yurimaguas (three to six days) cost US$30 to US$50 per person. The journey takes longer when the river is high. Boats leave about three times a week to Pucallpa, more often to Yurimaguas, and there are more frequent departures for the closer intermediate ports. Some boats have cabins and charge more for those.

Downriver boats to the Peruvian border with Brazil and Colombia leave about twice a week and take two days. Fares are US$25 to US$40 per person.

If you’re in a hurry, Expreso Loreto has fast motor launches to the border at 6am every two days. The fare is US$60 for the 12-hour trip, including lunch. Other companies nearby offer similar trips, including a brand new “catamaran” that is faster, much more comfortable and a bit more expensive. 

Amazon Tours & Cruises has weekly cruises on comfortable ships that go from Iqui­tos to Leticia, Colombia, leaving on Sunday. Most passengers are foreigners on a one-week, round-trip tour, but cheaper one-way passages are sold on a space-available basis.