Matt H – Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Such an amazing place and experience!

Dreamglade holds a special place in my heart. Everything was wonderful and perfect. From the facilities to the people to the experience was more then I could have ever imagined.

First the staff…. Stacy, Estella, Drew and all the others were so kind and informative. The amazing conversations and guidance and aura was superb. These are very knowledgeable people who are doing more good important work then they even know. Its a light, caring, safe atmosphere that is really great for getting serious personal work done.

As for the ayahuasca… whoa what an amazing plant medicine. The brew at dreamglade is very strong, as Stacy says ayahuasca is not subtle. Estella is a very great powerful shaman. Her icaros are so amazingly beautiful and powerful. They were in my head all day after the ceremonies. Just hearing them brings a tear to my eye and reminds me of home. I have so much gratitude to be able to have learned and drunk with her.

Stacy and Drew are such great people always willing to help or talk about our experiences. So much love strength fun and learning pour out from them.

The retreat was very clean and well built. Great shower pressure and a beautiful lake and surrounding area. I felt so relaxed and at home! I had everything I needed. The food was wonderful. Prepared in such a beautiful and nutritious way. I wish I could eat like that forever!

I have grown and experienced so much from my trip to dreamglade and I know I will be coming back when the time is right! I love everyone and everything about dreamglade and can not recommend it more highly.

So much thanks and gratitude -Matt Hollander

Any questions about dreamglade or my experiences there email me

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