Christine S – U.S.A.

I highly recommend this retreat. I was traveling through Peru and had wanted to try Ayahuasca but had heard of many bad experiences with fake shamans so had fear especially traveling alone as a woman. I heard about this retreat by word of mouth from someone who had just completed it and had loved their experience and changed my flights to attend. I am so, so glad I did. It was an amazing experience.

The location is fantastic and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There are minimal Mosquitos for being in the middle of the rainforest, the accommodations are beautiful and comfortable, and Stace the owner and his assistant Drew are two of the kindest, most genuinely caring people I have ever met. Their priority is making you comfortable and taking care of you during this experience. They chat with you before the ceremonies (or whenever you want outside of them) to help you feel safe and comfortable, to know what to possibly expect, and to know you are safe and they will look out for you and help you through whatever experience you have.

With a day between each ceremony it gives you time to reflect on your experience and grow from it. The ayahuasca is very high quality, many of the people during my retreat had very strong visions. My personal experience did not include visions per say, but I found I was filled with reflections on my life, my intentions, how I could grow and at my last ceremony felt the most complete sensation of contentment, love and gratitude I have ever felt in my life.

When I left I could feel I had changed in how I appreciated being alive and being able to feel the things that I do, physically and emotionally. The Shaman, Estella, was amazing and had the most beautiful Icaros I have ever heard. We could feel how hard she worked every ceremony, directing, protecting and guiding all of us.

The type of people that come to this retreat as well are incredible, interesting, kind and open minded. I was so glad I came to this retreat in particular, they do a very good job of doing what works the best, but still being very traditional in the shamanic sense and the plant diets. The food was delicious and they have a very sweet dog and cat that I think only add to the loving environment. It was one of the most calm, caring, free places I have ever been and completely worth the extra cost of changing my flights. I couldn’t recommend this experience more.

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