Hampus T – Sweden

We all loved Dreamglade !!
The simplicity and the focus on just working with yourself through relaxation and contemplation is really the way to go. It is a perfect setting for this kind of work on your self. The staff themselves were superb including both Stace and Drew. We have the utmost respect for the both of them, both as human beings in general and for what they are doing for people at the retreat. The ceremonies were very good with great shamans (both Estella and Ronnie). Felt extremely safe the entire time.
All in all I would recommend this place any day of the week. Extremely price worthy and simply an unforgettable experience that is like no other. I’m definitely doing ayahuasca again and I can’t think of another place I would want to do it.
I’ll keep on analysing myself and work with the more negative elements of my personality such as my temper and lack of patience. I can feel already that I’m much more aware and focused on these aspects since the retreat which helps in making changes.

I’m coming home to a lot of tests with a father who is dying of cancer and really testing my patience as well as brother who is very hard too deal with. I feel ready for these challenges!

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