Gino P – U.S.A.

Going into my stay at dreamglade, I was nervous and not sure what to expect. From the first day, to the last, the staff provided a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment.

The night of my first ceremony, it was explained, in great detail, what might happen and was given tips for working with the plant. During ceremony the staff does an incredible job checking in with everyone and providing assistance and guidance when needed.

Days between ceremonies were spent chatting with the other guests, drawing, reading (great selection of books), writing and swimming in the pond. Ceremony days include breathing work, yoga and sauna.

I added the plant dieta for the duration of my stay and a kambo ceremony. I would recommend both, especially the plant dieta.

I have absolutely no complaints.

Everything was incredible.

I’m grateful for my experience at dreamglade and hope to return in the future for a longer stay.

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