Pavel M – Romania

I am writing this review, 3 weeks after the ayahuasca.

It was my 3rd time in Peru, coming special for ayahuasca. I been to 2 other centers before.
I was in a 12 days retreat with 6 ceremonies, I had the dieta with Pinon Colorado.
I am really happy that I found this place. It is not pure traditional place, but the good thing is that they have really really good shaman, which is huge ! I say that from my experience, when you do this kind of work, the shaman is really important, the purity of their intention and their ability to protect the place.

At the last 2 centers I received some really nice benefits from ayahuasca, but at the same time I received some negatives too. Especially at the last center, it really affected me for next several months until I came to this place.
Another great thing is that you get much more personal attention and care, from Drew and Stacy. The personal healing from Estella, the care she gives to every person. And the fact that we discuss our experience, next morning after the ceremony, getting advice, encouragement.
Being able to be transported from the city to the place is another great benefit, I used to walk for a very long distance to the other places that I been to.
The place is quite deep in the jungle, but you have showers and stuff.
I appreciate that they don’t overcharge, like the other centers do, getting greedy. The price of this place is really ok, considering for what you get for the price.

I had a really hard time with each ceremony, the best advice ever, to keep you grounded is to smoke mapacho, natural amazon tobacco !
I think the dieta is really important. It really worth it, for me !

The first 3 ceremonies were really hard, I was like in a dark place, struggling… and after that I had 2 really great ceremonies where I was like in a really beautiful garden, I still felt the negative energies trying to creep in, but this beautiful garden was protecting me. That was the point where I connected with the plant that I dieted on. I can’t even describe the feeling. It was the most beautiful feeling that I had in my life ! I felt it in every cell of my body, like a pleasant tingling.

My experience.
I am really really happy that I did this, it was a really hard process, but, I am reaping the benefits now.
I used to have so much anxiety every evening without any reason, and I been having a hard time sleeping, I didn’t have a good sleep for months.
Now, 3 weeks after I finished ayahuasca, my sleep quality improved, very deep and fall asleep easy. I didn’t sleep as good for more than 1 year ! So it’s a big thing for me !
My mind works much better than it’s used to. I have much less internal conflict, I am more clear about what I want, I hesitate less. My body works better than it used to, after all that emotional tensions that I purged..

Suggestion for Dreamglade:
I really hope they do a recording of all the icaros from the ceremonies. The songs are amazing ! And I really like to listen again, I can still hear it playing in my head.
I bought the CD with icaros from Estella, but it was old icaros from other shamans, not the icaros that she sings in the ceremonies.

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