Steve Westhoek – Amsterdam, Holland

After thorough research and long consideration I chose to experience my first Ayahuasca session at Dreamglade. It was a choice well made.

Accepting I don’t have any experience with other centers I do believe Dreamglade is one of the better retreat centers. I had 5 mind-blowing experiences but as strong as it was I did realise how vulnerable I was under the influence of Ayahuasca. For this reason,
trust in the crew is key and I haven’t once felt that I was alone in my journeys. They take really good care of you before, during and after the ceremonies and have a down to earth, professional and no-nonsense attitude. All the characteristics you need to make a great and safe Ayahuasca journey in my opinion.

The brew they use is very strong and cooked with care and with apparently the right ingredients. As an experienced psychedelics ‘psychonaut’ I chose to take relatively high doses so my trips were overwhelmingly (in a good way) strong, with superior and unprecedented visuals. I did a lot of work on myself and one month after I can say it still benefits me every day and hopefully for a long time to come.

The meals are plentiful and delicious. The center itself and the environment is truly inspirational and of course the price/value ratio is exceptional. I have experienced a lot of value for my money.

Also special props to the shaman, she is amazing! I find her very peaceful, knowledgeable and professional. She has many plant spirit allies, a lot of experience and sings great Icaros with the most soothing voice.

I really enjoyed my stay at Dreamglade and met some great people there with whom I could really connect. I will definitely visit Dreamglade again and I will surely recommend this place to my family, all my friends and any other stranger.

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