Natasha – London, U.K.

I did a lot of research for an ayahuasca retreat that I felt would give me the safest and most authentic experience and I am so glad I choose Dreamglade !
My best friend and I attended together, unfortunately we only had four days spare so only got to participate in two ceremonies, however we both had amazing experiences and felt we gained a lot from our time there.
The location is lovely, it provides a beautiful and peaceful surrounding so you can begin to disconnect from all of the distractions in the city and relax amid the natural surroundings.
During the ceremonies Stace and Drew are amazing and will help you through any tough times, they are such lovely people and made the whole experience that much better.
I will definitely be returning in the future to take part in more ceremonies (and stay for a longer period of time), and would recommend Dreamglade to anyone!

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