Steve T – U.S.A.

It’s hard to put into words the experience that Dreamglade has been for me.

But I’m going to; because anyone seeking true healing needs to know how safe, supportive, and deeply transformational the experience can be for you at this Healing center.

I’m going to start with the people because they truly are what make the experience what it is.

Stace the owner cares deeply about the guests and their experience. From the time he picks you up personally in Iquitos until the time he brings you back, he is creating an atmosphere of safety, trust and healing. He has deep experience and knowledge with the medicine as well as spiritual and emotional healing. He is present facilitating each ceremony, helping with integration, and always putting the safety and well-being of guests first. He is an ethical business owner. His motivations appear to be strictly about healing, and helping the center and ShIpibos he works with, to be self-sustaining.

Drew was a major part of my healing experience at Dreamglade. The best way I can describe Drew is that he is clearly aligned with his Soul’s purpose and doing the work he is meant to do. Whether it’s joking around telling stories, doing much of the day to day operations that keep the experience wonderful for guests, having deep conversations about what came up in ceremony, discussing spiritual practices, or throwing the Frisbee, Drew helps you connect and feel safe. He is a gifted facilitator.

Jess has a wonderful way of introducing Yoga that makes it easily accessible for a beginner. I really enjoyed her laid back personality as well as her singing in ceremony. Jess brings a great calming energy.

Raul is a gifted Curandero. His Icaros are beautiful, powerful, and you can tell he has a strong connection with not only Ayahuasca but many different plant medicines and spirits. The one on one healing work with him was amazing and I left Dreamglade feeling clear and strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

The other staff keep the different spaces very clean and the food is great even when you are on Dieta. The Maloka is beautiful and having my own private space in the Tambo was great as well. I am a very light sleeper so it was great to have private space where I could rest in solitude. There are also plenty of quiet spaces on the center grounds where you can read, journal, meditate, nap, whatever you need to do.

I thought the way the retreat is structured is perfect. The attitude is laid back. I never felt pressured to do anything. Drew leading breathwork was great and an awesome tool to take home. So was yoga with Jess. The sauna and plant baths are cleansing. It’s nice having clean modern toilets and showers. Also the library is tremendous- especially if you are a spiritual seeker.

I chose Dreamglade on the front end because of the flexible schedule, the vibe I got from Stace on the YouTube doc, and the price. My expectations were exceeded. If you are looking for a healing experience, plenty of time to reflect and look inward, and are looking for a safe clean environment to do this work, go to Dreamglade.

With love and gratitude,


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