Naia – Brazil

How can I talk about Dreamglade without tears of joy and gratitude coming to my eyes? Without any doubt, the most powerful, intense and atonishing journey of my life was guided by Estella, Stacy and Drew. Those three people…are just phenomenal. Stacy, the one that makes it all happen and does it so well. Estella, her eyes, her strength, her power to heal and her care to us. It was really empowering to have such a great example of woman and shaman. Drew, your energy and kindness, your words always there to help and comfort. You made our days even better for sure. Thanks for everything.
We found the best place to do our first Ayahuasca ceremonies and felt so comfortable and safe.

The dogs Ella and Mo are just incredible, so warm, so full of energy and so so so cute. The cats Reggie and Hydro as well, such a great fun and loving. Just be careful with Reggie’s claws….awn.And don’t ever underestimate Hydro when she sits on your lap and…steals your egg or fruit. Trust me, it happens a lot. The guardians are lovely and always there to help.

The friends I’ve made there are so special and inspiring, each of them on their own way, their own little – wonderful – pieces. Andre, Lisa, Crystal, Eva, Robbie, AJ, Matt, Jeff…thanks for the fantastic time, enjoyed every single moment around you, love you guys! The place has an amazing energy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a place that really takes care of everything. I will remember my time there forever and looking forward to coming back – as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone for making it memorable. Wish always the best for all of you. With love


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