Rachel R – New Zealand

The care given at this retreat runs deep.

Arriving in a very hectic Iquitos, confronted with the sound of thousands of motos, was a noisy start to a jungle return. Stacey came to pick me up, and I squashed into the ute with my new friends to complete the drive to Dreamglade. When Stacey cranked up the stereo with what I thought might be some Tibetan throat singing but was instead something from the summer of love in London circa 1990, I knew I was in for a different kind of experience. An experience that I came to associate with being essentially real.
Dreamglade is as aptly named, a place to dream. It is gorgeous. The water centres the experience; we became the fellowship of the pond. The physical presence of the buildings exist in harmony with the plants and allow for lovely spaces to rest, contemplate or talk throughout each day and evening. My Tambo was sweet. You are part of nature in a Tambo, and consequently, the outside does come in, but this seemed appropriate for such a journey, a journey into the heart of the plants.
This was my second retreat; my first at Dreamglade. The first retreat was a very positive, life-changing experience. I was well placed for a revisitation with Ayahuasca. After sitting post-retreat for several weeks waiting for a distillation of understanding, I arrived with this: Ayahuasca in a ceremonial setting with guardians and guides who are initiated enables a meeting with the sacred. It is this experience of the sacred that is reverberating through me.
On arrival and before the first ceremony, Stacey was very careful to guide us through what the Ayahuasca experience is and provide guidance as to how to work with the medicine. This was absolutely invaluable. So too was the monitoring and checking in during a ceremony.
Working with Ayahuasca is the most unexpected healing modality. It is ideal to leave all expectations at the door and accept whatever is gifted. This can manifest as a range of offerings. You might feel as if nothing has happened during the ceremony, the following night you drink the same amount, and you find yourself in another world, participating in a 4D experience. The journey is to engage with, to surrender to the teaching. This I was able to do actively, as a result of the guidance offered. What I did learn was the importance of engaging with a plant dieta. I worked with Ajo Sacha, Bobinsana and Clavohuasca. These three plants were my teachers, Ayahuasca the portal through which the teachings were explored.
Lydia and Raul, the Curanderos, hold Dreamglade offering protection and working with each person, both during a ceremony and outside of ceremony. After a Kambo treatment, I identified an issue in my uterus. I spoke with Drew, we went to talk with Raul who had already picked up the energy, and this was worked on and released over the next few days. Lydia and Raul’s icaros and the limpiezas were powerful. I felt completely safe, protected and free to experience the medicine, knowing that anything that came up, I could breathe through and that people were there to help me. This is essential to any retreat experience.
Drew and Jess were the daily touchstones, there for conversation, guidance, fun, mischief and support. Drew and Stacey’s care in ceremony was exemplary. The staff who work at the centre were friendly despite my inability to converse in Spanish. Jann’s clear communication and articulation of Dreamglade protocols, expectations and practicalities made it an easy choice. The accommodation is not high end, but it is very comfortable; lots of hammocks, great chairs to sit in, scores of intriguing books to read. As to my fellow travellers, the people who you end up with on retreat become part of the experience. I was grateful to be in a smaller group. Having nine people in the Maloka and around the dinner table is much quieter and calmer than 17 plus, the number you will find at most retreats. This was a critical factor in my choice to go to Dreamglade.
Will I return? Absolutely. I thank all beings; every person, every animal, including the chorus of frogs, and every plant at Dreamglade. You have given me a gift, and it is one that I am caring for each day.
I sleep each night with one of Lydia’s beautiful embroideries on my bed, knowing that I am sleeping under the songs of a Currenderos who helped to heal me.

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