Alina Y – U.S.A.

Coming to Dreamglade has been one of the most amazingly sacred journeys of my life and I have traveled all over the world. It’s a scary thing to travel alone, far from home to the middle of the Amazon jungle. The entire crew at Dreamglade made me feel at home and they provided SO MUCH guidance.

The prices are very reasonable and they have two Curanderos (most people use the word Shaman but they prefer Curanderos which means to cure/heal). The Curanderos are from the Shipibo Tribe who were taught by the Incas. These two are brother and sister so you get the best of both the male and feminine energies. They are extremely wise and have been working with Ayahuasca and MANY other plants & spirits for over 40 years.

The place is pure magic! You will be in one of the most vulnerable positions of your life and you will feel completely safe and well taken care of. They always work with small groups, Max 9 people, so each person gets tons of attention for the work they have come to do.

The main house has showers, full plumbing, electricity run by solar panels, delicious meals which are made with much love & care, a full library, and board games. We did yoga, breathing exercises, & the sauna is great for pulling out toxins. We always walked barefoot, I jumped into the lake daily and covered myself with the mud clay from the bottom, my skin was super soft!!

I slept in my tambo which consisted of a single bed with a mosquito net, a table and chair for journaling, and a compost toilet. No AC and no electricity in my tambo but you don’t need either. The orchestra of the jungle fulfilled my yearning to connect with nature and I got some of the best sleep of my life there. I was never too hot or too cold. You are there to work on yourself and what better way than to be without distractions? I was able to dig deep within myself, surrounded by beauty in Mama Aya’s home.

I walk away in a state of Grace, standing TALL in my liberation, and I have reclaimed my power! I now shine the light I hold in my heart.

I highly recommend Dreamglade.

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