John W – Texas, U.S.A.

I recently spent 5 days at Dreamglade and I enjoyed every minute. The staff are great and very caring and personable. The owner was happy to pick us up from our hostel and drive us to Dreamglade which is located in a beautiful and fairly remote location outside of Iquitos.

An ayahuasca diet was included with our stay. It was three meals a day (sans dinner on ceremony nights) of plain but very fresh and tasty food – lots of fresh vegetables.

We participated in three ayahuasca ceremonies, including one on our very first night there. The ceremonies are beautiful and I felt very safe and cared for. The architecture of the maloka is awesome, it was a pleasure to experience the ceremonies in such a great space.

Despite the apparent lunacy of traveling to the Amazon Jungle to drink an awful tasting viscous concoction that induced vomiting and wild “out of body” visions and experiences, I felt absolutely safe and was never afraid even for a second.
After staying in hostels for a week and a half I really enjoyed the perfectly clean bathroom facilities.

I have recommended Dreamglade to many of my friends. For the reasonable price, high quality, and exceptional experience – it can’t be beat.

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