Matthew E – U.S.A.

DreamGlade is a retreat center which operates with the highest integrity, honestly, and compassion imaginable.

One’s first encounter with and introduction to shamanic medicine can present much trepidation and anxiety. What new seekers of this kind of experience will find upon arriving in the jungle at this facility are open arms, attentive and compassionate listeners, and the utmost attention to detail.
The facilities are absolutely beautiful!
I was impressed with the level of practice surrounding the way each guest is introduced to sitting in ceremony for the first time. All questions are answered with patience and genuine thoughtfulness. I imagine the inquiries of many first-time sitters are similar, but the facilitators showed concern, warmth, and kindness in providing answers, as though they were being asked these questions for the very first time.
Stace is a gifted wizard with this medicine, possessing equal measures of great strength and great gentleness in guiding people on their journeys. He is honest during the following day’s debriefings, sharing personal anecdotes and humor as people process their emotions and takeaways. Direct but not forceful, he knows the correct words and just the right number of them to share in order to lead people to drawing their own insights and conclusions.

The beauty and effectiveness of working with this kind of medicine seems to center around finding a place where one connects to ancient modes of healing and has a bridge to the modern world and methods of communication. DreamGlade achieves this balance beautifully. The two native Shipibo Cuaranderos, Raúl and Lydia, possess supernatural abilities to sing and shape the experience of the sitters. Words cannot do justice to the beauty of their Icaros and Limpiezas; what can be said is that they are supremely gifted and they touch the spirits of everyone sitting in the room and they cultivate a safe and sacred space.
Drew exemplifies compassion and kindness. He works in tandem with Stace to guide sitters, and their fluency in English and Spanish and experience with multiple forms of shamanic medicine allows them both to be very effective bridges between past and present methods of healing, different cultures, and communicators par excellence.

Yoga classes taught by Jess are a lovely addition to the ceremonies. Clean and simple meals are prepared with love for the benefit of achieving maximum benefit from the medicine. You will not go hungry here, and your body will receive the fuel it needs to heal.
The importance of set and setting are both modeled at DreamGlade marvelously. It does seem that all angles have been covered. You will feel comfortable, safe, and in good hands coming to this place to learn, heal, and grow.

A month after visiting, I can attest to the continuing positive benefits of this kind of healing. Bearing witness to the healing of others is an incredible humbling experience. I left feeling enormous compassion for the lives and journeys of others, and in the days that have followed, feeling the same love for myself. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this kind of healing for the first time at DreamGlade. A great mix of old and new, levity and seriousness, quiet introspection and open revealing. You can rest assured that this is a place where the medicine is strong, the facilitators are operating with transparency and integrity, and where you’ll walk away with a deeper and developing understanding of yourself as a whole human being.

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