Robert B – U.S.A.

How to begin a review…..

Well, from the outset Stacy and his team have been very attentive to any and all concerns that I had, and from what I could see and was told, those from any other participant as well.  It was clear early on that they had/have set very high standards for themselves in regards to attention to detail, care for the participants and they put a great deal of effort towards keeping a high standard of welfare.

Emails were promptly answered along with clear language stating any outstanding issues or questions that they may have. Their suggestions on where to stay and what to look out for whilst in Iquitos, along with where to eat were spot on.

As stated in other reviews but worth stating again, the healing centre that they have built, developed (developing..) is quite simply a beautiful space. Well thought-out and built with the participant in mind it offers plenty of space to either mingle with other journey participants or to go off on your own to journal or to just have time to yourself.

They accommodate the need to charge any electronics (if required) but obviously encourage you to ‘disconnect’ from electronics as much as possible…for your benefit of course. Having attended a different retreat the year before, which was rewarding and a nice experience, I can confidently state that Dreamglade is on a different level altogether.

Access to bathroom facilities during ceremony is safe and close as are showers and drinking water. Staff are very pleasant and there is a strong sense of family among everyone there. Stacy, Drew and Jess, each healers in their own right, have an intuitive sense of when to step in and help guide and when to step back.  During ceremony it is comforting to know that they check in often, but not too often. They are very respectful of your space and have a deep understanding of Ayahuasca and allow this understanding to guide them. I would suspect they would say there is no end to learning and that they get/learn from every ceremony that they are involved in.

Lydia and Raul, resident Shamans on the Dreamglade team, go above and beyond. They are on site 99.9% of the time, available for your questions or your care. If you are struggling to connect with Mother Ayahuasca they have multiple ways of working with you to help with that connection. They are there at every integration session, sharing what they experienced the evening before and answering any questions if requested. Every member of the Dreamglade team had a loving spirit, showed genuine concern for you and they loved to laugh !

It didn’t take long to see that the end game here is true healing.

Even though other retreats may offer day trips, extra curricular activities, etc…the focus here is you and your wellness/healing. Having done 7 days the previous year at a different healing centre, and 14 days this year at Dreamglade, I would highly recommend 6 ceremonies if you can swing it. The work/healing Stacy’s team did was amazing to witness over the course of the two weeks.

Could have some significant healing been done in 3 ceremonies? I suspect so, however, looking back it took 2 or 3 ceremonies for some people (along with myself) just to begin to understand some of the underlying issues that the medicine was showing us.

Whether it’s your first time working with this amazing plant medicine or your 5th, if you’re looking for an environment that focuses on your wellness and healing, ….Dreamglade and the team lead by Stacy should be at the top of your list.

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