Justin B – Michigan, U.S.A.

Well this was my first trip to Peru and I’ll start off by saying the Amazon jungle is truly a piece of art.

Upon arrival to Iquitos my flight was delayed and it caused me to be like ten hours late to Dreamglade. Sadly I missed the first ceremony but I was able to get a hold of Jann and she went out of her way to pick me up from the airport when I arrived. This was the first sign that the Dreamglade team truly cared for there guests. Even though she had to pick me up at a time that was inconvenient for her she was still in good spirits.I spent the night at a hotel in Iquitos and the following morning I meet with her and she took me to personally to the center, she was such a blessing.

When I arrived I had a warm greeting from everyone there and I was truly impressed by the beauty of the rain forest. As far as the food goes I was quite shocked by how delicious the meals were.

Dreamglade was a dream come true in my life, everyone was so caring and would go out of there way to help in anyway they could. I won’t even consider going to a different healing center because Dreamglade exceeded all of my expectations.

I left at the end of the week feeling like a new person, the ceremonies healed me on many levels. I now truly enjoy life and have a new perspective on many things in my life. I highly recommend this place to any one interested in ayahuasca. 

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