Anna & Tony – Australia

As soon as we arrived to the resort we knew that we have chosen the perfect place for our Ayahuasca experience.

The Ayahuasca team and the whole group felt like very close family members and coming to Dream Glade truly felt like coming home.

I am and will be forever grateful to Raul, Lidia, Stacy and Drew for putting so much effort into getting rid of the parasite that has attached itself to my fragmented soul.

Since the parasite has been gone, on a physical level I have much more energy, and on a spiritual level I have healed lots of my childhood wounds and negative emotions. I’m choosing to listen to my heart and feelings and that made me become more kind and loving towards myself and others, also by increasing my compassion I feel more love, confidence and Self Esteem.

Tony feels much less stress at work, and is much more chilled out about life itself, both of us are having lots of lucid dreams and our relationship has gotten even better.

Additionally somehow by our Ayahausca experience and by healing ourselves the people that are closest to us were affected in a very positive way as well.

Overall the whole experience was fantastic and we’ll be definitely coming back to Dreamglade, moreover some of our friends and family members are looking forward to coming along!!

Much love ❤

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