Tanya – London, U.K.

Hi everyone !!

Just wanted to share my life changing experience at the Dreamglade.
I have just spent the entire month there! Having a few days in Iquitos and going back for two more months.

It was my first time drinking ayahuasca and I was doing a lot of research online about the retreats but something has just drawn me to that place…And my intuition was right, because the minute I arrived I got a feeling that Im going to stay there the entire duration of my trip.

The location is so beautiful! There are hardly any mosquitoes although natural spay can be handy at night time. The lake is nice and clean and so pleasant to swim in during sunny afternoons or even at night! Sounds of the jungle are truly magical…

Accommodation is super clean. Beds are very comfortable in both tambos and the maloka. I heard from people who stayed in various retreats that its the best maloka in Iquitos: very new, clean, bug free and those polished floors are like silk on your feet. I really appreciated modern super clean bathrooms especially during ceremonies as I spent a lot of time in those LOL.

Stace is a really cool guy, very insightful and experienced, always ready to help with whatever you need. He really helped me a lot as I had really tough time during first few ceremonies, and he was literally babysitting me and talking me through with his calming voice. I even wanted to quit and go home at one point and he talked me through my fears next day and prior to ceremony. I dont think I would have done it without his support.

So if you are drinking ayahuasca first time especially- I really recommend this place because people here really care and you will feel safe and looked after and can definitely trust them.

Drew is another gift from God, just pure bliss! Super generous, very insightful,spiritual, intelligent and hard working, always there when you need him. He became my dear friend during my stay, we shared such great conversations. Cant wait to go back in a few days- there I found people who really get me and that I can relate to.

Estella the curandera is soooo good, she is really powerful, she genuinely cares about people and can help with pretty much everything! I myself felt how powerful she is when she was working on me. She really knows how to keep the ceremonial space clean from bad energy and there is always nice quiet atmosphere during ceremonies.

Most people during my stay had life changing experiences. The only few who didnt its because they only had 3-4 ceremonies which in my opinion is not enough for ayahuasca to fully connect with you. I needed 4 ceremonies just to clean stuff out and learn how to let go before I started to have a real blast.

Ayahuasca is super potent and people had amazing visions and I myself had life changing revelations. They add huambisa to it as well which is much more potent in DMT than chakruna alone, so for me personally only half a dose needed to enjoy the experience all night long.

Drinking ayahuasca at Dreamglade, being surrounded by caring people and nature has really changed my life. I have learned to love unconditionally, to except everything and everyone, let go of resistance, attachment, judgement. I finally found peace and became whole again. I definitely have got everything I came for and much much more. But the learning process never ends with ayahuasca therefore im staying longer and i’m open to everything she is willing to show me.

I am wishing everyone to find what they are looking for and strongly advise to have as many ceremonies as you can afford. It is the best investment you can ever make as this plant is a truly a magical healer.

Love Tanya

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