Chelsea S – U.S.A.

Ahhh, Dreamglade, you will FOREVER be in my heart. All of you. I have been home from my retreat there for about six weeks now, but I still feel like I am receiving light from you, from within, from the spirit world, from everywhere. I am connected to the source in a way that I was not before. I feel like everything is going to be ok, I can breathe easier, and I have released so much gunk and pain and trauma that I am able to be who I am supposed to be more freely, although I am still working everyday to maintain this feeling. As you told us, the real work begins when you get home, and that is so true.

You are a beacon of light helping to heal the world one person at a time, and it is comforting to know that you are down there doing the work that you do. It is incredible how well you take care of your guests, how open your hearts are and how you are able to give so much day in and day out. INCREDIBLE! My husband and I were first timers and we could not have found a better place to begin this journey with Ayahuasca. I will never look elsewhere and I truly plan on coming back some day and bringing some friends and family who I know would benefit as well. Every single person at Dreamglade is a beautiful and loving soul from the groundskeepers, the cook (the food is delicious, healthy, and made with love!) and of course Drew, Stace and Estella. Estella blew my mind. Her power, knowledge and experience with plants, her icaros, her energy, she is the real deal and she helped me so much. Stace and Drew take such good care of people during the ceremonies and you never feel alone, or scared, or like you need help. They are there, always. Stace talks to first timers before their first ceremony and tells you every single thing you could want to know and puts your mind at ease, and I was pretty nervous at first. Drew is always there to talk to, to inspire you with an interesting talk or video, to laugh with, he is just an awesome human being.

The facilities and the beautiful setting, the clean lake for swimming, it is all so relaxing and beautiful and well done. This place is a little slice of heaven on earth. I can’t wait to see how you grow and progress with your new projects and how the space evolves over the years. Although taking Ayahuasca is not easy, it is real hard work that can sometimes be very uncomfortable and very intense, it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Truly my most incredible experience. Anyone who is wondering where to do this work should look no further than Dreamglade. Thank you so much for what you do!

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