Charlie – Mexico

The most inspirational and transformational ayahuasca hands down!!!

Estella is literally magical. Her unfathomable abilities are amazing. The Maloka becomes a spiritual hospital, plant spirits in front of you doing amazing work. Estella’s icaros coupled with the ceremony and strong medicine, bridge the spiritual realm with our reality, all unfolding before you as you witness Real Reality.

I trekked to the jungle with a lot of so-called ‘baggage’. I left lighter than I have been in twenty years. In fact, ayahuasca at dreamglade has given me more than anything else could in the same amount of time.

Stace, Estella, and Drew have a special key. Go unlock your box !

Choose to come to dreamglade if you want the strongest brew around, looking for a tranquil setting, want to meet lifelong friends from all corners of the globe, and want to be in the hands of compassionate healers. Real work getting done here. Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks to my new family,



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