Thomas M – U.S.A.

It’s difficult to articulate how much I owe to Stacy, Drew, and Isabel.

The visit to Dreamglade was, without a doubt, the most beneficial decision I have ever made. The experience with Ayahuasca was just as indescribable: difficult, beautiful, and informative. Just a few of the adjectives I would use to attempt to interpret the teachings.

Initially, I found it difficult to reintegrate into my previous life. When I left home for Peru, my life ‘situation’ was an unfortunate mess (one of the central reasons for my journey) and when I returned, it was much of the same. Though as the months past, a funny phenomenon was slowly transpiring. Ayahuasca stays with you, works with you.

Nearly 4 months later, everything seems much clearer and life has never been so beautiful 🙂

Thank you Dreamglade, and thank you Ayahuasca. I look forward to one day returning, and grateful that I have Ayahuasca at my side throughout the rest of this adventure called life.

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