Chris Kilham

Dreamglade lives up to its name, providing a spectacular setting, loving and friendly staff, and ayahuasca ceremonies that light up your bones. This is a place not to miss. Dreamglade deserves to be booked up far into the future.

If you want the good stuff without the problems or poor quality associated with many other centers, go to Dreamglade.

Nestled around a beautiful fresh water pond in the jungle, Dreamglade is an ideal sanctuary for authentic Shipibo-style Ayahausca ceremonies.

The facilities are very good, the malocca is exceptional. The food is actually great. The staff are super friendly and fun to be around, and the ceremonies are outright amazing. Estella and Raul gave us nights of beautiful medicine, and did very fine work.

Stace, Drew and the others at Dreamglade make this place special and safe. You will find the transformative experiences and healing you seek. Plus you’ll enjoy throwing yourself repeatedly into the refreshing pond.

My hat is off to Stace and the shamans there, Dreamglade is fabulous !!


Chris Kilham – ‘Medicine Hunter’ 

Author of  ‘The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook’

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