Robby – Belgium

I stayed three weeks at this wonderful place and it was the most amazing time of my life!
The owner, Stacy and assistant, Drew are very caring and helpful. They really are some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met! Also Estella, their curandera, is the best shaman I’ve worked with. She really knows how to heal people, and she really does compared to a lot of other shamans who just put up a show.
The Ayahuasca they serve is by far the strongest and most visual I’ve had.
The other guest I’ve met there were also very lovely and it was very nice to share each other’s experiences in the morning after ceremonies.
The location is beautiful and quiet with lovely authentic buildings. They also have two dogs and two cats, they are very cute and love to get petted.
I left there happier then ever. I miss that place and the people already, but I will be back for sure!
Thank you so much Stacy, Drew, Estella and the staff!
Lots of love, Robby

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