Damien – Canada

My name is Damien I’m a 20 years old and I came from Canada to visit Dreamglade retreat center.

This was my first ayahuasca retreat I stayed for 8 ceremonies and I had a very good experience receiving healing and insight into my life.

When I was originally looking for ayahuasca centers I was skeptical of retreat centers wondering if they had a good setup and good people that were not just interested my money.

When I got to Dreamglade before my first ceremony Stace explained to me everything I needed to know in a very authentic and caring way and at that point after seeing the beautiful retreat center and meeting all the nice people there I felt a hundred percent safe and on the right track.

I think Dreamglade is a solid retreat center and there is a lot of good energy going around there and it attracts a lot of good people with good intentions.

I am very thankful to Stace, Drew, Estella, and the care takers for helping me.

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