Raymond Hoevenaar – Holland

For over a year my son Max and I were thinking about taking Ayahuasca and visiting a retreat center to do so. The ‘calling’, I have to say was initially stronger felt by Max than by me but it turned out that I needed it a thousand times more than he did.
After some surfing on the net and reading and viewing a lot of reviews and testimonials we came across the website of Dreamglade. It immediately felt right. And how ‘right’ we were. Dreamglade gave us everything and more than we asked and hoped for.
The location is magical, amidst the beautiful Amazonian Jungle, far away from ‘civilisation’ (no mobile, no internet) and other ‘modern’ distractions. The tambos are nice and comfortable and the Maloca is perfect. So are the other amenities as well as the cooking of Martha, who provided us with great meals every day.
But the prime ‘assets’ of Dreamglade are Drew and Stacy. And not to forget ‘curandera’ Estella. What a splendid team. The way Stacy is running his centre is a unique combination of professionalism and personal dedication and care. Because of the ’boutique-size’ of the retreat everybody gets the attention he or she needs. From all three of the staff involved and customized to your needs.
My first ceremony was the worst night of my life. I had visions so horrible and dark, I can not start to explain. Really beyond belief. I am absolutely sure, I would not have stayed if it weren’t for Drew and Stacy. They guided me through the night, supporting me, helping me, encouraging me to ‘get rid of all negativity’, in other words, do the cleaning almost a lifetime overdue. And I did. And although I promised myself never to do Ayahuasca again, I went up for the next ceremony, and the 3rd and the 4th.
It changed my life. Not only did I clean myself of tons of negative feelings, I also felt physically more healthy than ever before (also thanks to the great Ajo Sacha Dieta we took simultaneously) with a smooth skin, a firm body and a total release of little ache’s and pains.
The first night was the worst I have had, the last ceremony was the best night I have had. It reminded me again how beautiful life is and how lucky we are to be able to experience all this. Ayahuasca showed me ‘the light’ again and gave new direction to my life. All this largely thanks to Stacy and Drew. The most dedicated, sweet, welcoming yet still down to earth people I have met. That counts as well for most of the other guests we have met during our stay at Dreamglade. We left with tears in our eyes but with love in our hearts and new friendships to enjoy.
I have written an extensive essay on my experiences at Dreamglade in Dutch, our native language. If you are able to read this and if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me (raymondhoevenaar@gmail.com) and I will mail it to you. Also any other questions on our stay at Dreamglade I am happy to answer.
To conclude my review: I definitely will be back again some day in Iquitos and most certainly will be staying at Dreamglade again.
Absolutely perfect.

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