Lola N – London, U.K.

I was unsure about doing anything like this, although I’ve always been open minded it never occurred to me to take the leap and go into such a remote place in Peru, and even when I got there – despite everyone being so welcoming and friendly – I was still undecided.

This is natural, you listen to the videos before you go and you think “it seems a bit exaggerated that such a simple idea, being close to nature, attuning yourself in line with what humans were meant to do, could possibly do the things they say – heal illnesses, drown out grief, pride in an ocean of happiness and purpose” – that is, in no clearer terms what happened.

It was by no means as I mentioned above an instantaneous thing, whilst I immediately enjoyed the secluded and peaceful nature of the place (made much better by the very well maintained and pleasant facilities provided) the rituals themselves were an entirely different matter.

I found myself wondering how much I would change with every single one – and it was in every single one that I learnt something – not necessarily knowledge – I couldn’t describe it to you – but I can say for certain that I am more than I was before.

I had my own problems with assertiveness and where I fitted in with regards to the grand scheme of things, I suppose its natural to think like this – but it doesn’t being a great deal of comfort in a troubled, busy modern life to not know where you’re going or when.

But now I do.

Whilst I want to tell you everything about my exact experience, I fear it would be wasted on you, as we all have our own path to walk, some may find they are already there – and in which case they will get to enjoy the wonderful experiences of the place and its people – others will see their own life flash before them – their faults, family, memories – everything, and if the healing songs are meant to work at that time – then you will be healed – a wound you may not know you had or recognised.

As a last note, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me on this journey – specifically the staff Drew and Stace for making this entire experience possible.

I wish you all well on your quest of self discovery.

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