Martin G – Switzerland

Dreamglade is a very special place.
My two weeks stay brought me life-changing experiences in a very profound way that made me feel like experiencing a second birth.
The place is just awesome, beautifully located in the middle of the jungle and just by itself very peaceful and relaxing, far away from modern life stress factors.
The whole staff and the shamans are just wonderful people, very friendly and helpful and are taking care of their guests with a lot of love.
Facilities and food are perfectly made and also the buildings, that are the main house, the malocca and the tambos are made with a lot of style and love to the detail.
But the most fascinating were, for sure, the six ceremonies I was experiencing during my two weeks stay. With a gentle start it took me to some intense and amazing inner travelling and exploring of my own spirit and I could literally let go of many small things and habits that are not of use anymore in my life. It felt like freeing up some blocked space in my soul, enabling some new experiences and feelings that are really awesome.
Fortunately, I have always been a very healthy man, but I have to say, after two weeks of Ayahuasca ceremonies at Dreamglade I feel even more healthier, as many small little ailments just magically disappeared. In short, the Dreamglade Ayahuasca experience combined with the extraordinary capabilities of the shamans is a very profound, deep and wonderful experience I wouldn’t like to miss in any way.

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