Dean H – U.K.

My experience at Dreamglade was everything I’d hoped for and a little bit more!

The location is beautiful, the staff are nothing short of inspirational and the ceremonies were the most eye opening experiences of my life. Stace, Drew and Estella are the core team and having had the chance to speak with all 3 on a personal level can honestly say I believe they are as nice as people can get. While I tried not to be a pain I’m a very fussy eater, the team noticed this and went out of their way to cook around my preferences and made sure I stayed fed.

The ceremonies were probably the most eye opening experiences of my life, I saw myself objectively for the first time and could appreciate the good things about myself but could no longer deny the things I’d been lying to myself about. I felt absolute peace and love that was beyond anything I’ve experienced before or since. I had prepared questions for my experiences and while I didn’t always get the answers I was looking for I definitely got a lot of information that I needed.

The other people staying during my visit (including Stace’s mum Patsi) were some of the nicest, most humble and honest people I’ve ever met and helped to make my stay at Dreamglade an experience that will stay with me forever.

My expectations of Ayahuasca were somewhat different than my actual experiences, I had naively expected some grand epiphany and instant enlightenment. That didn’t happen but the reality is almost as impressive, I had opened up emotionally in ways that I just could not before, several problems that had weighed on me for years became clear and solvable and I felt reinvigorated to work at life. I think I prefer that to instant epiphany – it gives me a reason to go back to Dreamglade 😉

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