Dominic – U.S.A.

I did extensive research prior to choosing Dreamglade as the location for my first ayahuasca experience. Today, over nine months later, I consider this to be the most significant decision of my life.

I’ve never received such an outpouring of love from complete strangers. Stacy, Drew, and all of the staff went to work for us. The curanderos, Raul and Lydia, were nothing short of magical.

The ayahuasca was very powerful for me. Working with the medicine in such an intimate, ceremonial setting was just what I needed to open up to the brightest and darkest parts of my being. My healing has continued to unfold in the past nine months in ways that I never imagined were possible (integration is where the rubber meets the road, by the way).

I am most definitely biased, but I cant recommend this retreat enough.

Thank you, Dreamglade. I will be back.

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