Matthew – London, U.K.

I first went to Dreamglade in February 2015 and had such an amazing time.

Stace and Drew are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and do an absolutely fantastic job. The centre is absolutely stunning and the cleaning staff keep it spotless.

The resident curandera Estella is very skilled (and also really nice).

I went in pretty nervous and not quite knowing what to expect, but felt much more comfortable after Stace gave the 1st timers a pre-ceremony talk to let us know what to expect and how best to work with the Ayahuasca.

The ayahuasca itself is very strong and I had some absolutely beautiful visions whilst there. As Stace once said to me – “People come for the visions but stay for the healing.” I found this to be very true in my case, and left the retreat feeling better than I had in years.

If you’re an animal lover – there are two cats and two dogs who are such lovely animals and great to be around – just watch that Hydro doesn’t steal your eggs!

During ceremony a few people had difficult experiences and both Stace and Drew were amazing in talking them through the experience and getting them to let go and work through whatever is coming up – it’s truly amazing watching them work.

It’s really handy that Stace will pick you up from the airport and then drop you back off – saves dealing with the local taxi drivers (not that I had a bad experience with them though).

I can’t recommend this place highly enough – if you’re still unsure just book it and you won’t be disappointed. I liked it so much that I went back 4 months later in June (much sooner than I was expecting).

On both of my trips the people I met during my stay were just amazing. It truly is a group experience and it’s great having people there alongside you.

Just go!

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