Adam M – Canada

I truly can’t say enough about Stacy and Drew, and all of the staff at Dreamglade.

As a westerner (Canadian) coming down for my first experience, there is nothing more they could do to foster the conditions for a positive introduction to ayahuasca. From the moment you meet both of them, you will understand what I mean, and see that the only goal they have is to ensure you are taken care of, comfortable, and safe.

The mix of the traditional ceremony, along with the attention to detail that went into the design of the centre, is perfect for first timers. Stacy is very transparent and easy to communicate with, answering any questions or concerns you have in his native English, which is very comforting ahead of time when travelling to the jungle. He has created a small paradise at his location, where the pictures that he provides on his site don’t even come close to doing justice to the beauty of his lakeside Maloka, and the breathtaking jungle which surrounds it.

They are all so attentive and caring throughout your visit, and ESPECIALLY during the ceremony itself, helping people through difficult experiences, and constantly checking in with everyone to make sure you have everything you need, whatever it might be.

Dreamglade holds a very special place in my life after my visit, as do Stacy, Drew and Estella.

My only hesitation with giving it such a positive review, is that there will likely be no availability when I want to come back for my second visit, because they will be full with all the visitors they truly deserve.

Thanks again Stacy, Drew and Estella, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and love.

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