Yoga Teacher / Chef – Brittany


Brittany Thompson

Brittany’s very first experiences with Amazonian plant medicines began at Dreamglade way back in 2017, during a period when she had been backpacking around the world for a year, taking a much-needed break from her corporate job.

Before that epic week in the jungle, she had tried numerous tools to cope with her anxiety and depression, such as pharmaceuticals (antidepressants & anti-anxiety pills), seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist and even self-help books, but nothing had really improved until those first, life-changing ayahuasca ceremonies.

After just a week at Dreamglade Shamanic Healing center, miraculously, she no longer suffered from panic attacks and her anxiety and depression had eased considerably.

Inspired by the positive changes in her life and the incredible effectiveness of her work with Ayahuasca, that went way above and beyond any of the more modern treatments she had tried, she started researching more extensively into plant medicines and various traditional healing methods.

Since that time, she has had many, incredible experiences, with a wide range of different magical plants, in ceremonial settings, rituals and retreats. She is now a firm believer in a more holistic approach to healing and desires nothing more than to pursue it further.

 Brittany grew up in a suburb of Chicago and always dreamed of living somewhere tropical !

After many years of hard work, she finally achieved her Bachelors degree in Cognitive Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly afterwards, she worked in healthcare technology in the corporate world for most of her 20s, taking time between contracts to pursue her love of travel and to continue to partake in numerous plant medicine retreats.

She has been diligently practicing yoga since 2013 and is also a certified Reiki Master. She is deeply interested in many holistic healing modalities and truly believes that everyone deserves to find, and to practice, what works best for them.

She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with ayahuasca and the Amazonian plant medicines and with the Dreamglade team, especially the Shipibo master curanderos.

Since the very beginning, her presence at Dreamglade she has been a breath of fresh air, her enthusiasm and positivity being quite infectious !!

She has rapidly become an integral part of the ‘Dream Team’ and we truly hope that she continues, long into the future, to fulfil her desire to work more extensively with the Amazonian medicinal plants.