Nikolai T – Norway

How can you write a fair review for a experience that feels like 20 years of therapy, turns your beliefs upside-down and is totally beyond words? I won’t be able to, but I will give it a try.

I booked in for 10 days, and finished up a month ago. Was scared as hell for what mother Aya could show me, and decided to take a decision whether to drink or not when I first arrived at the center. For me, feeling comfortable was everything, and still will be everything if I’m ever drinking again.

Not something I would do for fun. The staff was really helpful here. I had a great talk with the owner, Stace, who made me comfortable to drink without ever pushing me. These guys made sure I never felt alone in my process, and even made sure I knew that I could always contact them in the future if I should have any problems (my concern before drinking).

The effects were strong, though never as I expected. Even though everything I was going through was beautiful and spot-on what I needed. Won’t go into details, feels like enough info to write a couple of books. Really liked the talk we had the day after the ceremonia. The staff’s experience with the drink helped a lot to be able to make sense of my experience.

What else? – Estella and Ronnie (the shamans) are superb ! (though have never tried anyone else). They contributed a lot to the safe atmosphere. Great staff ! Chill place !

2 shamans, 2 of the staff on max 9 guests each ceremonia.

Thank you Stace, Drew, Estella & Ronnie for a life changing experience ! I would recommend this place to anyone, in fact this is the first time I take time to write a review.

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