Leah – Texas, U.S.A.

I had asked around Iquitos and several people mentioned that I should go to Stacy’s center.

People mentioned he had a beautiful place and a great, legitimate shaman who was also female (which if you are a girl, I would STRONGLY recommend).

I spent a week at the property, doing a total of 3 Ayahuasca sessions with Isabel.

I can not recommend enough how amazing she was and how beautiful the property is. The rumors were true ! The whole experience was very helpful for personal issues I have had in my life. During the ceremonies Stace was always making sure that everyone was okay, and he would call Isabel over to do some healing on me if I needed it. He did a good job of balancing the group, even if one person (me usually!) needed more help.

The environment was small and supportive. Each day following the ceremonies we would talk about what we experienced the night before. Personally the ceremonies were difficult, but I couldn’t have been at a better place. Isabel is very knowledgeable and has been practicing since she was a teenager. She is very inspiring, so talk to her and listen to her stories!

The week I spent there, the group was very supportive, the center was beautiful, the shaman was amazing and Stace did a great job at organizing it all. People came for all sorts of reasons, but If you want to heal for some reason or another, I really recommend this safe environment.

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