Jimi Lewis – London, U.K.

From the moment we arrived at the magical place that is Dreamglade we were made very welcome and treated like old friends. During the drive in through the jungle the excitement and anticipation levels kept rising…what is it going to be like? Nothing could prepare me for how beautiful a spot it is…an incredible Moloka on the edge of a lake surrounded by jungle…the word idyllic doesn’t do the place justice!

I felt very honoured and privileged to be the 1st guests at such a special place. It is evident that a lot of thought and effort has gone into ensuring that the stay is as comfortable as possible. Lots of hammocks to chill and swing in, clean western toilets and incredible showers…the pressure put my shower in the UK to shame! 

So, the ceremonies…in a nut shell – awe inspiring. Was a bit nervous prior to doing them as was entering unknown territory. But was comfortable in the knowledge that I was in very good hands and would be completely looked after, which I was. It provided a clear connection to the earth and mother nature, a truly cleansing experience…both physically, mentally and spiritually. The shaman controlled the flows of energy and spirits in the Moloka, I felt very safe and guided. Felt incredible to be part of a tradition and practice spanning back 10s of thousands of years. Its difficult to put the experience into words, you have to try it for yourself and you’ll understand.

I couldn’t have dreamt of a more special and perfect place to have such an incredible experience, one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Dreamglade….the place where your dreams really do become a reality, I will be back for more that’s for sure!

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