Jessica Soames – Brighton, U.K.

It has taken me a little while to find the time to write this as I have been travelling quite a bit but I promised Stacy I would do it so here it is.

I had come to Iquitos specifically to try Ayahuasca because I had heard so much about it and I was hoping that it could possibly help me with some issues that I have been struggling with for many years.

Stace’s centre ‘Dreamglade’ had come highly recommended by the owner of the hostel I was staying at but even then I was still feeling very nervous about committing to my first ceremony as I had been advised to be very careful about choosing a place to drink ‘Ayahuasca’.

I needn’t have worried as he came to the hostel the same day to talk to myself and a couple of other guests that were also considering visiting his centre for a ceremony. He immediately made me feel much more at ease as he was very direct and straightforward about what to expect from the ceremony and was also very thorough in his assessment of each of us and whether we were suitable to drink ‘Ayahuasca.’

The place itself is absolutely gorgeous ! It’s just an hour’s drive from the centre of Iquitos but you really feel like you are deep in middle of the jungle. He still has a lot of work to do but what he has achieved so far is really quite incredible. The big ceremonial hut where we drank is just so beautiful, you can really feel the love he has put into it and it really is a very special place for the ceremonies. Apparently he plans to do yoga classes there as well in the future which would be just perfect.

Before starting the ceremony we had another short talk, so that he could explain to us what to expect and also to give us some basic guidelines to insure that we had as safe and enjoyable experience as possible. Then each of us were led to talk to Isabel so that she could check that we were ok to drink and also to answer any questions we might have.

They initially gave me just half a cup as they both felt it was better that I started off gently so I could get used to the effects of the Ayahuasca and then I could drink a bit more later on if I felt that I needed it.

I didn’t really get much from that first cup and didn’t vomit so after about an hour they decided to give me another half a cup and very soon afterwards I started to feel quite nauseous and a warm tingling in my body. Quite soon after I vomited into the bucket I was supplied with and almost the same instant I started to see beautiful, moving geometric shapes in bright colours and even some snakes and grinning monkeys ! I have never taken any drugs before so it came as quite a shock but it wasn’t unpleasant at all and throughout the experience I felt completely safe and looked after especially as Stacy was checking on me regularly to make sure I was ok.

Isabel’s singing was really soothing, it even felt as though she was taking me on a journey, sometimes lifting me up, other times gently bringing gently back down to earth. When she did the one on one work with me I felt like a tremendous weight was being lifted off of me, it was really beautiful.

I couldn’t possibly explain everything that went on during that night, it was such a profound experience and left me feeling more calm and at peace than I have felt in many, many years. Unfortunately I only had time to do two ceremonies at Dreamglade but I will never forget the incredible experiences I had there and I am already planning my next trip back sometime next year !

I thoroughly recommend this place to anyone wanting to try Ayahuasca. They are so loving and supportive, the place is really special and I felt very well taken care the whole time I was there. I really wish Stacy all the best with his new project. He really deserves to do well.

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