Drew W – Texas, U.S.A.

My name is Drew W from Austin, Texas and I thought I’d share what my experience has been at Dreamglade Ayahuasca Center. I was in Peru last year for ayahuasca, drinking at a different center, and feel now that i have a basis for comparison.

First off Dreamglade has a beautiful space deep in the jungle and has all the amenities you may or may not (depending on the center) be accustomed to. Proper, well maintained, western style bathroom and shower facilities, a beautiful maloka and tambos (huts) that are well protected from mosquitoes, even a lake that we all swam in almost every day.

Stacy, the owner and operator is very detail oriented and takes care of his guests from beginning to end, from transportation to the center to discussion groups in the morning to help the guests process their experiences with the resident shaman/curandera present to give her feedback. Stacy brings an easygoing, confident, knowledgeable approach that comes from years of personal experience with the plant that he readily shares with guests. He sets a good tone right off that lets you know you’ll be taken care of.

Which brings me to the real secret of Dreamglade: the medicine. Having now something to compare it to, the medicine at Dreamglade is very powerful indeed. Isabel, the resident shaman curandera has over 40 years experience with plant medicine and healing.

The Shipibo-Conibos are well known for being top notch healers (according to Jeremy Narby in “The Cosmic Serpent), they say it’s like going to Harvard. In my previous experience, our shaman was seldom around outside of ceremony, and seldom spoke. That’s not a knock: only an observation.

Isabel is very easy to approach, is very warm and caring, and often interacts with the guests, patiently and thoughtfully answering questions and always ready to laugh. She personally supervised our ‘dieta’ and how we were responding to the plants and made adjustments accordingly. In ceremony, there was a huge difference in my own experience. I’ll take Isabel every time. I knew i was in good hands. I encourage you to at least check out the website and maybe give Stacy a call if you’re thinking about going to Iquitos and trying or returning to ayahuasca.

I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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