Brice D – Ontario, Canada

This place is amazing, nothing short of it. It was so nice to arrive to the peace that place so completely embodies after the hussle and bussle of the city. I went in early May for 3 weeks (8 ceremonies) and I can, and will honestly say, it was one of the best experiences of my life, possibly THE best thus far in my life. I feel revitalized and refreshed, it’s amazing and it was also rediscovering long lost parts of myself. I have gained so much from going, it’s given me something very deep and strong, something good, for the better. I usually say my thanks to mother ayahuasca, Estella, Stace and Drew nearly everyday. ‘It’, you guys, have helped me tremendously. Thank you so so much !!

Which brings me to say, Stace is an amazing guy and has put together a very authentic place. Drew is amazing too, so glad to have made friends with him. Estella is awesome too, with all her abilities and with her heart to want to help others – in fact all of them for having the heart to want to help others. My words and descriptions seriously do not do it justice, the love and light these people are helping others discover in themselves. Thank you so much, all of you. As for the ayahuasca, it’s strong by the way if your wondering.

I met so many great people and new friends at the centre whom I am looking forward to keeping in touch with throughout my life as well.

If your looking for an authentic healing experience or centre, with a powerful curandera who is experienced and people who completely embody the empathy needed for healing to occur, THIS IS IT, look no further lol !!

I’m glad I chose Dreamglade because of many reasons, I wanted an authentic healing centre, with strong ayahuasca, with legit, authentic and heartfelt “staff” and an experienced shamana/curandera. This centre has all of these. Like i said, this place is it. I seriously cannot think of one thing they could improve upon or do better here. Oh and for food portions, good size.

I really cannot wait to go back at some point and will be. Like i said, ayahuasca has given me something deep and strong and helped me in ways that I’m not even sure how or what even, but I do feel different in a subtle way, in a good way, a very good way ? Perhaps most accurately it has given me an enduring inner strength and power, something of that nature, like a new default set point or something. I feel more fully myself, authentically.

It has sowed the seeds of strength and possibilities for growth in me going forward that I am so grateful for. I’m looking forward to keeping on exploring life and making my journey back to Dreamglade at some point, maybe numerous times on my path of life, growth and discovery.

Thank you one last time Stace, Drew, Estella and mother ayahuasca, from the very bottom of my heart and from my whole being.

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