Andy W – Bristol, U.K.

Thank you Dreamglade for providing me with one of the best experiences of my life ! I had such an incredible time at this beautiful shamanic healing centre, where I learnt an incredible amount about myself and life itself.

Stace has done such a great job in creating the perfect ayahuasca centre, it is on such a beautiful setting around a natural lake which you can swim in. Swimming the day after a ceremony feels amazing and really connects you with the earth.

I have so much love for all the staff at Dreamglade. Stace and Drew are two of the most caring, non-judgemental, big hearted people I have ever met. They do all they can to ensure you feel safe during each ceremony and are always there for a chat, to listen to whatever it is you have on your mind and to give you advice. Feeling safe during a ceremony is essential and at Dreamglade you couldn’t feel any safer and in more trustworthy hands.

Estella the shaman is a lovely, very talented and extremely hard working woman. She works continuously throughout the ceremony to make sure it is a safe, healing environment and I have a lot of respect for her. Even the cook at Dreamglade is amazing !!

The local kids sometimes come to the centre to play and this creates a really nice environment along with helping you to bring out your inner child which really helps during ayahuasca trips. There are also two dogs and two cats at Dreamglade which creates a really nice comforting atmosphere.

I left Dreamglade feeling more alive than I ever had before, I felt so in touch with my emotions and understanding of my ego, and even after 3 weeks I still feel incredible ! Sharing my experience with some beautiful, good hearted people at Dreamglade only made my ayahuasca journey even more positive. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better place to take ayahusca and I will be back one day 🙂

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