Adam P – Australia

There are so many ayahuasca retreats in South America, let alone Iquitos! For readers who are overwhelmed and don’t know which one to choose, here are some important reasons to choose Dreamglade over any other retreat.

The Curanderos –  There are two curanderos, Raul and Lidia and only nine participants drinking. No other retreat is going to have a group this small with only one curandero present, let alone two! This means you will receive better care at Dreamglade than anywhere else if the ayahuasca brings up particularly difficult experiences. Also Raul and Lidia are exceptional healers that radiate love, words simply can’t describe the work they do to heal. Experience and good lineage are so important for a curandero and Raul and Lidia have got both in abundance! You could not ask for better curanderos to drink with, the love and care they have for every single living creature that arrives at Dreamglade is beautiful and inspiring.

Stace and Drew – Like the curanderos, two more exceptional human beings that make it possible to do such healing work in the safest, most loving and enjoyable environment possible. During the ceremonies they are simply amazing, whatever happens. They are very experienced with drinking ayahuasca themselves and caring for people under its influence and anything you need in the ceremony they will take care of. Experiencing the work they do to help people heal is truly humbling. Needless to say, they are incredibly helpful with anything you could possibly need during the entirety of your stay, not just during the ceremonies.

The Facilities – Dreamglade is an off grid paradise with great showers and toilets, loads of hammocks, clean and comfortable tambos, excellent kitchen facilities and an exceptional communal area with places to relax, books to read, movies and documentaries to watch and games to play. The Maloka is a beautiful building for the ceremonies that provides good space for each person. Perhaps the best part of all is the man made lake where you can swim, kayak or just float around on a tyre on a hot day. When I was there in October 2017 the retreat was undertaking further work to build a sauna too.
The layout of the retreat allows for a person to have plenty of individual space to relax and think if they desire solitude, or there are numerous areas where you can be social if you wish.

The lack of mozzies ! Dreamglade has an incredible machine that is non toxic and keeps the mosquitoes away from you. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

The Food – You will always have more delicious and fresh food available than you can eat!

The Animals – For animal lovers who miss their pets at home, you can play with an adorable cat or three dogs!

The Price – Dreamglade makes access to this amazing medicine cheap and what you get for your stay there is impossible to put a monetary value on.

Flexible dates – Being able to choose exactly how long you stay for and how many ceremonies you do is a huge help when planning your trip to Peru and this flexibility is not offered by most other retreats.

Other services such as Kambo, free yoga classes and a sweat lodge –

These are just nine reasons. Overall, Dreamglade is a jungle paradise that you really should visit. If you are looking for space to heal with ayahuasca there is no place better or safer. By the end of your stay you will be blown away by the power of the medicine, the loving and relaxed environment created by the amazing people that work at the retreat and the perfect facilities that let you enjoy the jungle in comfort.


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